CineApp your all in one movie guide to Ugandan Cinemas

When Fast and Furious 7 was premiering at the cinemas for the first time, me and a couple of friends(that later became business partners) decided to go watch it before getting any spoilers. All we knew was we wanted to have a blast and we where all set and ready for the D-day. We left for 3D Cinema Magic one hour ahead of time and on reaching there, we found a long queue of other people like us.

After a couple of minutes of waiting, it was finally our time to cash in only to be given the news that the show we wanted (7:15 PM) was already over booked and the only available spots were those for 9:30 PM. Of course we were desperate so we had to take what ever was available. At that moment we would do anything to be the spoilers and not the victims. So basically we had to wait for close to 3 hrs since we had no idea about the showtimes and wasn't even sure if they were selling tickets at half price or full price cause the Facebook page wasn't updated and no contact was listed for inquiries.  It's from our experience that we started to joke about making an app to help people like us as we sat in the parking lot.

It took us some time to even take the thought seriously but we finally decided to act on it months later. It might have started as a pain killer but we now plan to make it a vitamin. The sky is the limit. 

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