How to use CineApp

After an interaction with a friend i had told CineApp,  one thing she made clear was it's really nice when you learn how to use it. After she installed the app and even before she could explore it, she was already suggesting we add trailers of movies that hadn't been released yet we have always had that section from the first version we released. So i had to basically give her a tutorial on how to use the app and since it's technically impossible to move around the whole of Uganda teaching everyone, i decided why not write a blog about it. 

At time am writing this blog, CineApp is on version 1.0.7. 

  1. Using your android phone, look for the Google play store icon from your app menu and then touch to open. 
  2. After it has loaded, click the top search bar and type "CineApp" and you'll no doubt see it at the top of the results with a yellowish  icon. 
  3. Click install and accept the permissions if at all you have no problems with them. The installation will consume just 5 Mbs of your data and it will be done. 
  4. After installation success, click on the open button and launch the app. 


On first launch, u'll be given two options. You can either use the app while logged in or as a guest. The account feature will prove essential in future updates for some extra features. If you don't have an account, you'll have to register for it using your telephone number and user name. 

You can use the app for viewing your cinema schedules, movie details and even watch trailers on the move. Use the side menu on the left side to switch between cinemas, movies and other parts of the app. 

Getting the most out of your Cinema 

  1. From the home screen, select a cinema of your choice and for demo purposes we'll use 3D Cinema Magic in Nalya . 
  2. You will be ushered will two lists, one vertical and the other horizontal. The top most list shows the newest additions to the cinema in other wards the movies premiering. while the lower list shows the movies showing for that particular day with the show times and weather its 2D or 3D.
  3. Also below the Cinema screen on your bottom right, there's a floating button that when clicked, you will be able to view all the ticket prices for all the days so that you can plan better before you leave for the cinema.


That's all i had for you in this article. Stay tuned for more tips and feature updates. 

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